Saturday, January 27, 2018

Free Your Whole Body with Somatics | NEW Online Series

HI everyone out there in Somatics land. I'm really excited to offer this upcoming series to the world, beyond just the lucky folks in the Portland area (though you are welcome to attend too!)

Every day more people around the world are learning about Somatics. Once they learn  what Somatics is, how logical it is, and how good it is for their bodies, they want to do more! But currently there is only a few of quality certified Clinical Somatic Educators worldwide. That's why I'm offers online somatic education. So the whole world can benefit! Here's what's up for February!

NEW! Free Your Body with Somatics 4-week series
Saturdays Saturday February 10, 17, 24 & March 3 
9:00am pacific time  
Classes are held Online 

Come learn more! 
  • get rid of tension and stress
  • learn what reflex patterns your brain is habituating in your body
  • learn why pandiculations are more effective than stretching and strengthening to change your patterns
  • get rid of your sensory motor amnesia
  • resolve your pain issues with gentle movements you can do anywhere, any time
In this 4 week series Kristin will guide you through movement explorations to soften your body's excess tension so you can move freely and joyfully. Each week will have a special focus. In total you'll learn a simple, safe routine to save you time and money to release your stress, tension and pain.
Enjoy more vitality and contentment in your life!

What the Program includes:
  • Four (4) 60-minute classes ($60-80 value)
  • Four (4) recordings of the classes to download and keep forever ($60 value)
  • One (1) private session per student * ($60 value)
  • phone and/or email support 

Here's what we will cover each week and what the focus can help.
Week 1 ~ Free Your Back and Chest
tight backs
neck and shoulder pain
poor posture
protruding bellies

Week 2 ~ Free Your Waist and Hips
sciatica and piriformis syndrome
leg length differences
"tight" hips

Week 3 ~ Rotating the Torso with Ease
let go of your "tight core" so you can move with ease
improve your breathing and oxygen uptake
get rid of brain fog
free your feet (yes! a tight waist hinders how your feet interact with the ground)

Week 4 ~ Putting it All together + Requests
This week will be your chance to experience a nice fluid routine of all that we have explored plus Kristin will help you with little tweaks and variations to help you really personalize your routine.

Free Your Body with Somatics Series Meets ONLINE
Fee: $149
Saturdays, February 10, 17, 24 & March 3
9:00-10:00am pacific time
The four group classes are held Online. 
Space is limited to only 8 students.  
To attend this class you will need:
~ laptop or device
~ wifi connection
~ well lit, quiet space in which to practice
~ carpet or yoga mat
~ability to get up and down from the floor
(if you are unable to do this, please consider a private session with Kristin)
* Each student is entitled to individual session with Kristin. The session can be done online or in person, if you are in the Portland area.
You will schedule this session with Kristin after you are registered for the series.
In person sessions are done at Kristin's private home studio located in South Tabor area of Portland Oregon.


See you soon and thank you. 

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