Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February 2018 Think Somatics classes with Kristin Jackson

Hey there fellow Somas! 
Let's get up to date with some new awareness, find freedom and our true state of being with these February Somatics classes. You can get the details on fees, punchcards, how online classes work, all on my website.

Take It Outside Fitness
Mondays  | 830am  |  Mt Tabor  | Save Your Spot!
Wednesdays |  830am  |  Mt Tabor | Save Your Spot!
These classes are super fun and invigorating. We blend recess games, play, agility, balance and somatic awareness to stimulate your whole body AND brain. Think you're too old to join? Ha! Ages run from 40s all the way up to 80+!  And yes, we meet for class, come rain or shine. Students say they love earning the bragging rights to say they Take It Outside no matter what! Keeping it real since childhood. :-) 

Somatics for Scoliosis
Fri Feb 2   | 830am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mon Feb 5  |  4:30pm  |  online | Save Your Spot!
Tue  Feb 6  | 8:30am  |  studio  | Save Your Spot!
Most Scoliosis cases are idiopathic, meaning no known cause. From the Somatics perspective, there is a cause. Your brain is contracting your muscles into twists and bends that are deeply engrained in your brain's motor patterns. And for whatever reason you learned this pattern in the past, you can start learning a new one now.

Free Your Feet with Somatics 
Fri Feb 9 | 830am  | Studio | Save Your Spot!
Mon Feb 12  | 430pm  | ONLINE  | Save Your Spot!
Tue Feb 27  |  830am  |  Studio  |  Save Your Spot!

Since I started doing Somatics I no longer where orthotics, inserts or squishy tennies with more bells and whistles than an first addition iphone. The soles of my feet actually have more tissue too. Come learn how freeing your torso to rotate and move with ease trickles all the way to how you feet interact and roll across the with the ground!

Somatic Valentine  |  Love the One You're with, and that's You! 
Tue Feb 13  | 830am | Studio | Save Your Spot!
Have you ever heard the saying, "You can't give what you don't have?" To take care of ourselves means loving ourselves. It's not selfish. It's like putting on your oxygen mask first so you can help those around you. :-) Just imagine the ripple effect of some self love, awareness of a softer, dare I say, better version of ourselves, on those around us and the world we share. Join me and love the one your with! And if that doesn't entice you enough, we'll be eating really good chocolates too. :-)
Somatics for Neck, Jaw, Eyes and Face
Fri Feb 16  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mon Feb 19  |  430pm  |  Online  |  Save Your Spot!
Tue Feb 20  |  830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
When was the last time you tuned into how the muscles of your face, jaw and shoulders play together? And I bet you haven't had this much fun with playing with your eyes since you sat in the back seat of your family station wagon and made cross-eyed faces at your sibling. Come explore how all the muscles of the body from head to toe are inter-related. 

Somatics for Freer Walking and Running 
Fri Feb 23  |  830am  |  Studio   | Save Your Spot!
Mon Feb 26  | 430pm  |  Online  | Save Your Spot!
Do you want to learn how to move with ease and a freer stride? Increase your pace with less effort? Come to this class to understand how a freely moving torso will make your walking and running a whole new source of joy and freedom! 

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