Friday, November 24, 2017

December Somatics class in the Studio and ONLINE

Hey everyone, happy holidays!

 Here are my class offerings for December 2017. I offer classes in my Portland, Oregon studio AND online so you can reap the benefits of Somatics anywhere in the world. Online classes are live, meaning you need to register for a link and be present at the time of class. Online classes meet at 430pm pacific time.  

Somatics for Hands and Wrists
Fri  Dec 1  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mon Dec 4  |  430pm  |  online | Save Your Spot!
Tue  Dec 5  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
From the Somatics perspective, if you have painful hands and wrists, it's not just the hands and wrists causing your problems. Nope, it's coming from somewhere in the center of your body. Because you work as a whole being, not just parts, right? In this class we will explore moves that bring our awareness to our bodies, from head to feet and torso to finger tips. You'll be amazed, once you sense the connections, how to free yourself of unnecessary tension. 

Somatics for Hips and Knees
Friday Dec 8  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mon Dec 11  |  430pm  |  Online   | Save Your Spot!
Tue Dec 12  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
When clients tell me they have "tight hips" or "cranky knees" I'll bet they have forgotten how to move their waists, shoulders and pelvises freely. See, the torso should move the limbs, not the other way around. In this class we will assess how we walk first. Next we'll go through some yummy pandiculations (somatics movements) of the front, back and sides of the torso, and then rotate the body. After that we will walk again and see how much more freely our torsos move so our hips and knees are moving with ease as well. So simple!

Get Down, Get Up...with Ease!
Friday Dec 15  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
Mon Dec 18  |  430pm  |  Online   | Save Your Spot!
Tue Dec 19  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
The act of getting down to the floor is often avoided as we age because we think we can't get back up. In reality that avoidance is coming from your brain, not your actual ability to rise from the floor. But if you avoid getting up and down, over time, your brain learns how to not move freely. Please come learn something new!. After all, if you did fall down, you want to be able to get back up, right? 

Solstice Somatics
Friday Dec 22  | 830am  |  Studio  | Save Your Spot!
This is class marks the first day of winter and the last class of 2017. With the shortest day of the year comes the return of light as we move towards 2018. What better time to cozy up and turn our focus inward, then open outward and upward.

Winter Break
December 25 2017-January 1 2018. Happy holidays!

Once a month I offer an Introduction to Somatics online. This class usually falls on a Saturday at 9:00am pacific time. These online presentations are great for newbies to learn the basics. Anyone can join and ask me questions about their somatics practice too. If you'd like to receive updates about these and other offerings please fill out the form below. 

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