Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to Class! September Somatics Classes

Whooosh! Hear that? That's summer, flying by. September is right around the corner, and I'm here to let you know what we'll be focusing on in each of the classes this month.

All the classes are part of my regularly scheduled classes. You can drop in, or use your punchcard.
All the class details--when, how much, registration info, etc-- are on my website.

Intro to Somatics

Friday Sept 1  |  8:30am  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
Newbies can start in any class, but this is a good one to learn the basics. Somatic Explorers always learn something new, so everyone will benefit from this class.

Standing Somatics

Mon • Sept 4  |  5:45pm  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
Tues • Sept 5  |  8:30am  | Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
Whether you say you "don't have time to practice" (and if thats the case, you really do need Somatics) or want a simple way to add Somatics into your daily routine right now, right there, this is your answer.

Somatics for Scoliosis

Fri • Sept 8  |  8:30am  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
Most Scoliosis cases are idiopathic, meaning no known cause. From the Somatics perspective, there is a cause. Your brain is contracting your muscles into twists and bends that are deeply engrained in your brain's motor patterns. And for whatever reason you learned this pattern in the past, you can start learning a new one now.

Intro to Somatics

Mon • Sept 18  |  5:45pm  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
See above.

Somatics for Scoliosis

Tues Sept 19  |  8:30am |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
See above.

Stop Fighting It! Somatics for a Freer Back 

Fri • Sept 22  |  8:30am  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
If you have a tight back, and are told to "strengthen your core" Please stop! Stop fighting the tension with more tension. Somatics is gentle and so easy it's down right unAmerican. ha!

Somatics for Scoliosis

Mon • Sept 25 |  5:45pm  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
See above.

Free Your Feet with Somatics

Tue • Sept 26  |  8:30am  |  Think Somatics Studio  |  Save Your Spot!
Since I started doing Somatics I no longer where orthotics, inserts or squishy tennies with more bells and whistles than an first addition iphone. The soles of my feet actually have more tissue too. Come learn how to walk with ease!

See you in class!

Thanks for reading! Please pass this info along to your friends and family. Every body can use some Somatics!

Coming soon: online classes! Feel free to request your ideal time and day, with your time zone :-), in the comments below.

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