Friday, September 16, 2016

How'd you like a Somatics class in your living room?

Beta Testers Needed for my first

Somatics Intro Class ONLINE!

Saturday September 24 
9:00-11:00am Pacific time

Discover Somatics and learn

▪ how to ease tension in your body
▪ why stretching doesn't work
▪ how your brain can involuntary get stuck in faulty patterns, and how to get out of them
▪ how your whole self and whole life make up who you are

If you're life is pulling you in all directions, then you're the perfect candidate for my new ONLINE Somatics classes. Just rest easy on your floor... discover safe, simple super-enjoyable movements that will ease all that tension away.
I've been working with folks around the country online via Zoom (like Skype, but better). I recently taught a Somatics class online to a group at the Eliot Institute. So it's time to share the wonders of Somatics with you too!
And since these classes are online you can invite your friends anywhere in the world to join us. How cool is that?!

To "attend" this class will need

▪ a wifi connection
▪ a laptop computer, tablet, ipad, smart phone, etc (desktop computers don't work well because they are on a desk and you are on the floor :-)
▪ open space to lie down on the floor, yoga mat or rug is nice too
▪ space to walk around a bit as well

This beta class will be 2 hours long and is only $15!
The price will go up for future classes so be sure to sign up soon!
You will receive an email prior to the class with details about how to attend the class online.


Questions? Just let me know.
thanks for caring and sharing!


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