Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bust the Myth of Aging with Somatics 8-week series

Mondays July 11- August 29, 5:45-6:45pm 
​Tuesdays July 12-August 30 8:30--9:30am

Yes, we all age. But we don't develop pain and dysfunction just because we've been around the sun more than 45 times. We age because we stop moving with freedom and ease.

Aging is NOT the cause of your pain.
More likely you have Sensory Motor Amnesia.

What most people believe to be the inevitable part of aging--losing our natural mobility and becoming disabled--Thomas Hanna, called the Myth of Aging. Since our brains control all movement, when the brain becomes habitually stuck in particular patterns of stress you can develop Sensory Motor Amnesia. Your brain no longer knows how to contract muscles when they need to, and relax when they don't.

Think about it. Around the world there are cultures of people who continue to move well throughout their lives. Meanwhile many of us in the first-world are being beaten down by stress--anxiety, accidents, repetitive actions, surgeries, etc --that takes a toll on our bodies and plays a role in whether we age well and can continue to enjoy a good quality of life, or not. Our bodies respond to stress with natural reflex patterns, but if we get stuck in these patterns our bodies can develop pain and dysfunction.

So what can you do to age well and feel better in your body?
Discover Clinical Somatics!
With Somatics you use your brain regain better sensation and control of your muscles, so the contract when you need them and relax them when you don't. Your brain learns to with more ease and grace, and ultimately no pain! Somatics is amazing stuff! Everyday I work with people who are rediscovering their bodies, their muscles, how they react to voluntary movements. **They realize that no matter how much treatment they get or medications they take, that they truly do hold the key to lasting change**. By using their brains and sensing what's happening with their muscles they can reprogram their nervous system to reset the length of their muscles. It's just that simple!

Join me for The Myth of Aging series In this 8-week series of classes you'll learn:

  • what the natural reflexes to stress are, which ones you may be stuck in, and how it can result in back, shoulder, hip, plus other muscle and joint pain
  • what Sensory Motor Amnesia is, why it's the most common cause of chronic muscle pain, and how to undo it
  • why stretching (or massage or adjustments, etc) doesn't work long term and what does. Hint, it's called pandiculation...
  • easy somatic exercise routines you can do to rid your body of muscle pain, stay active and maintain your quality of life

Here's what we'd be focusing on each week.
week 1: release the muscles of the back of your body
week 2: release the muscles of the front of your body
week 3: learn how to release and lengthen your waist muscles
week 4: learn how to increase the mobility involved rotating your torso
week 5: learn how to increase the mobility of your hip muscles
week 6: rid yourself of neck and shoulder muscle tension
week 7: expand your breathing
week 8: put it all together for effortless walking
Give your body and brain 8 weeks to sense and make changes, and be amazed at how much younger you feel!
This course runs for 8 amazing weeks and is $99.

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