Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Guest Post: Somatics, Knee Replacements and Being Pre-Op Fit

Dana came to me because she wanted to "get in better shape" and see if she could do something for her knee which her doctor told her needed to be replaced. We explored somatic exercises. She had many a-ha! moments and her gait, which had been altered due to the pain in her knee, became more fluid, but she ultimately went through with the surgery. Somatics can help people with pain in joints, but sometimes a joint has deteriorated so much that it does need need replacing. The good news for Dana, by doing somatics now and into the future she can avoid having to replace her knee(s) again which is often the case. The joints are originally worn down because the body is not moving freely. Unless the body moves freely again, the cycle can repeat itself.

Dana's Story
I am four weeks out from my second knee replacement and this recovery has been SO MUCH EASIER than the first time around.  The only variable I can identify is that I have worked out with Kristin in her studio for the past fourteen months.  Being stronger and more fit has made this recovery a totally different experience.  I am ahead of schedule as far as rehab and can only attribute this improvement to being in better shape.  I applaud Kristin and her dedication and care for her clients.  She is able to easily adapt activities for individuals depending on needs and limitations.  I am not your "typical" gym rat type and would be intimidated in one of the big box gym chains.  I can honestly say, I can't wait to get back to working out with Kristin.  I look forward to future progress and continuing to learn more about Somatics!  I am already planning my active future!  THANK YOU, KRISTIN!

Thank you, Dana! 

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