Friday, July 3, 2015

Are you a Trauma Queen?

Many of the clients I work with present with
the trauma reflex in some capacity.

Human beings respond to stimuli with reflexes. Reflexes are perfectly natural, but if someone gets "stuck" in a reflex pattern, pain and dysfunction can result. The trauma reflex is one of three reflex patterns Hanna Somatic Education addresses to help people release the muscular tension and stress.

Once you understand these three reflexes, you start seeing them in your fellow humans everywhere you go!

Here are some examples of the trauma reflex (the body rotates and/or bends to the side).


Are you stuck in the trauma reflex? Watch this video to find out.

Hanna Somatic Education addresses
tight muscles that can cause:

  • sore feet and plantar fascititis
  • knee and hip pain
  • low back pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • TMJ disorder
  • breathing problems
  • headaches
  • brain fog
  • and more

As a Hanna Somatic Educator I offer hands-on sessions
and self-care exercises so you can remedy
your own pain right when you need it. 

What is involved in a Hands-on Session
"Hands-on" does not mean treatment or massage or adjustments. Hanna Somatic Educators don't work on people. Instead, we work with clients, educating them how to sense their bodies, and release chronically contracted muscles that are a result of Sensory Motor Amnesia. Sessions are performed on a table similar to a massage table and you are fully clothed. In addition to hands-on time, you are taught self-care exercises for your specific issues. Please purchase your intro session(s) here.

Classes, Skype Sessions and Workshops
There are self-care exercises you are taught to help you function better and enhance/maintain the results from a hands-on session(s). Some people prefer to start with my classes to as an introduction to HSE. Skype sessions are a great option for those not close to an HS Educator but want some guidance to get the most out of their self-practice.

I offer private workshops for you and your group (family and friends, workplace wellness, etc). Please email me to discuss your needs.

I look forward to sharing this phenomenal restorative exercise method with you!
Feel free to contact me with questions.


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