Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My first year living of Somatically

OK, not to sound like an infomercial, but Somatics has completely changed my life. Seriously. If you've been around here before, you know I was hit by a car a few years ago and for 3 years following it, I just kept developing one muscular/skeletal dysfunction after another. It got to the point where just walking was painful.

Then I discovered Hanna Somatics,
which changed my body, my brain and my perspective on life.

So, as I get ready to start my Clinical Somatic Educator training, I'd like to share ways Somatics has helped me live better. I'll keep it brief for now, but hope it gives you faith to overcome what's holding you back in your life, be it physical pain, chronic tension or you just want to age well and feel amazing!

I can move my neck and shoulder. After my accident I lost a huge amount of range of motion (ROM) in my neck and right shoulder. Now I'm back to normal range.

I released my psoas! My psoas became so painful after my accident, but no amount of stretching or treatments helped. In one hour of Hanna Somatic exercises it released.

My feet are pain free! This was a biggie. I mean, who's ever heard of a personal trainer who can't walk? One hands-on session with my teacher Martha Peterson made the difference.

Hanna Somatics is like moving meditation, which means my stress levels are much lower. I'll elaborate on this in the future, but when we meditate, our the parasympathetic  sympathetic nervous systems shift gears, so our bodies can chill out a bit and do the work that makes us healthy.

No more need for ongoing massage or foam rolling. Before I started Somatics I pretty much had a rendevous every night with my foam roller. No more.

I sleep more soundly. After the accident, sleeping through the night became impossible because it hurt just to roll over. So when you blame your bed for your aches and pains, think Somatics.

My mind is clearer and I'm more productive. The effects of my brain injury after the accident lasted for months. I was in a fog and couldn't concentrate or be very productive. Now my brain functions better and I'm calmer in stressful situations.

I'm learning more and expanding my brain every day. Forget those online brain games promoted to help our brains stay young. Using your brain to sense your body, and just thinking beyond what you already know is a huge boon for brain health.

I'm grateful for the people in my life and how fate points us in new directions if we let it. I'm embarking on a whole new direction in my career and life. I'll be 50 years old when I finish my training! I'm glad I got hit by a car? Of course not. But if it hadn't happened I'd still be seeking something to share with the world that I didn't knew existed.

A big thanks goes out to my current and upcoming teachers: Martha Peterson, Laura Gates, Carrie Day, Susan Koenig, Phil Shenk, Eleanor Criswell-Hanna; to my clients who challenge me to think Somatically to help them get rid of pain. I'm so grateful to share this method with you all and see how your bodies and worlds change; to my family for their support in so many ways; Victor Novak, HSE and other graduates who graciously share their knowledge with newbies like me; and lastly to my Somatic comrade, Cheryl Ramette, who will forging this new path along with me!

See you in a couple of weeks!


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