Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's next in my Somatics Teacher Training

I'm heading to Novato, CA to start my Hanna Somatics Educator (HSE) 3-year program in 2 weeks! Many of you are asking what exactly will I be learning and what will I be offering when I return.

As a Somatic Exercise Coach I currently teach Somatic exercises developed by Thomas Hanna. These exercises are what a client would do as "homework" between hands-on sessions with a HSE. Or if you don't have access to a HSE you can do the exercises to get rid of pain on your own. Either way the exercises are meant to help you self correct and self regulate when you need to get out of pain and dysfunction.

As I go through my training I'll have greater knowledge to assess clients' posture and if they are in the Red Light, Green Light or Trauma reflexes. The client's posture will determine which protocol--or guided lesson-- I'll lead a client through.

I'll have even greater knowledge to teach the Somatics exercises you've been learning in classes and private sessions.

I'll start offering hands-on sessions in addition to my small-group classes. "Hands-on" does not mean treatment or massage or adjustments.

To understand Hanna Somatic Education requires you to 
think beyond what you already know
Your brain controls your muscles, but sometimes due to injury, repetitive motions and stress, your brain develops Sensory Motor Amnesia. Your brain has gone "off-line" and is no longer in control of your muscles. During hands-on lessons I'll use my hands to assist you through movements that are meant to help you sense how your muscles (and bones) can more more freely and naturally, which results in release of muscle tension and relief from pain and dysfunction. Like I said, you need to think beyond what you already think about pain relief. HSE lessons are not a passive treatment like massage or chiropractic, but an re-education for your brain and muscles.

Private Somatics sessions provide quicker and more profound results than solely doing the Hanna Somatics exercises we do in classes. Rather the classes and workshops are designed to help you maintain what you gain in your private sessions.

And here's another thing that will have you scratching your head and thinking differently. Thomas Hanna said most people can get themselves out of pain and start functioning better after 3 HSE sessions. A session to address each of the reflexes: red light, green light and trauma. After that you do your homework to maintain the results or if you feel yourself falling back into old habits. Some people need a few more sessions but once again, it's not like other passive treatments that require long-term or on-going sessions. It works so well because it goes to the root of all movement: your brain!

Just like in classes, you are fully clothed during your private session. You should wear clothing in which you can move easily.

Stay tuned for info about rates and scheduling!

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