Monday, April 20, 2015

Have you worked your diaphragm today?

Breathing is one of those things that you likely don't think about much. It's an involuntary action, meaning that you don't have to voluntarily think about breathing to make it happen. But for a lot of people, they aren't breathing very efficiently or deeply. And if you're not breathing well, you can have brain fog and sore muscles, feel anxious and stressed,plus be exhausted a majority of your day.

Your diaphragm is one of the muscles that helps you inhale and exhale, taking in air and expelling it 24/7. Ideally as you take a breath in, your chest expands and the diaphragm contracts, expanding downward, so your lungs can fill with oxygen, and then relaxing back up as your chest contracts. For many people, due to stress, poor posture, anxiety, or just plain stiff, tight muscles around the torso don't do this when they breathe.

While the diaphragm is the largest muscle involved with breathing there are more. Check them out in the image at the right. You even have muscles between your ribs!

Yogis and babies know how to breathe. For the rest of us, we're likely going through life holding our breath a bit. Wanna learn how to breathe more efficiently and fully? Want to learn how to tone your diaphragm so you can relax, sleep better, reduce tightness in your core, think more clearly and get more oxygen to your muscles?

This coming week in the Myth of Aging Series we are dedicating a portion of class to our diaphragms. This class will truly enlighten you! I'll cover this in my other somatics classes as well.

Mondays at 545pm
Tuesdays t 9:45am
Wednesdays at 5:45pm
Fridays at 8:30am

Reserve your spot here!

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