Friday, October 24, 2014

Can Somatics make you taller?

Not a beautiful photo, but the results are fabulous!
Hey all! Thought I'd share a photo of a little "test" we did in my Somatics Restorative Fitness class this morning. I taped sheets of paper to the wall and had everyone reach up as high as they could, then I marked the tip of the hand on the paper.

Then we did a series of somatic moves that Carrie Day, (one of my NJ somatic teachers) calls Reach the Top Shelf. She was kind enough to share her playlist with me. Thanks Carrie!

The moves focused on lengthening the waist and back muscles, as well as opening up the shoulders and relaxing the neck. At the end of our hour together here's some results of what we saw on the retest. The ages of these four women in class range from mid forties to late 70s.

So can somatics make you taller? Not exactly. We don't get "taller" per se, but we can regain length that we lose from age and those habitually tight muscles that compress our spines, hips and shoulders. So, if you feel and see yourself "shrinking" as you age, Somatics can give you back the height you've lost along the path of life. I don't want to give away anyone's age, but the two who showed the biggest improvement were older than the other two. Pretty rewarding, eh?!

Want to get taller with us? Check the class schedule or email me to set up a private session.

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