Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crafting to help me heal

I'm currently dealing with plantar fasciitis. It sucks with a capital S! But just like every other ache and pain I've dealt with, this too will pass. In the interim I miss my walk/jogs with Panda. I love to get out in the morning and let my mind percolate thoughts to share here, so that's not happening as often. At least that's my excuse for being MIA here on the blog. :-)

To stimulate my brain and keep me off the concrete, I have been crafting more, so I thought I'd share some of my latest endeavors...

Wedding Seed Packets

My sister and Bryan got hitched on the beach in Hawaii in March, then friends and family celebrated in San Francisco Mother's Day weekend. Corey and I also eloped, so apparently none of us are into making a big deal over weddings and receptions. But I did offer to make some sort of party favor! I ordered wildflower seed packs from Etsy. Then I designed a rubber stamp and found a gal here in town to make the actual stamp.

Memorial Quilt from Plaid Shirts

As some of you know, my dad died in December, and I wanted to make quilts using his shirts for me, my sister and mom. Well, I've never actually made a quilt, I just specialize in checking out quilting books from the library. Precision is not my forte*, so I thought I'd start with the Log Cabin block. For some reason I thought that one might be a bit forgiving if it didn't line up perfectly. I had my doubts along the way, but as I learned more and more about all the steps to making an actual quilt, I really enjoyed the process, even if it's not all that precise.

I had planned to make the first one for my sister, but as this one progressed, and it was Mother's Day weekend after all, I had to give it to my mom. (Just for the record, not all those fabrics are from Daddy's wardrobe. The man loved his plaid, but a quilt of all plaids would have been a visual nightmare, so I pulled from my scrap basket too.)

Grow Your Own!

Lastly, being spring and all, I buckled down and started my veggie garden. Well, I don't really have a garden, since my yard gets a lot of shade through the day. Instead, in primo spots I planted seeds and starts (4 different squash varieties, 2 types of cukes, a jalapeƱo pepper plant, peas, snap peas, Ichiban eggplant, and beets, radishes, 2 heirloom tomatoes --thanks to Carolyn!--and lots of lettuces.)

You wanna know what part of our lot is actually the sunniest? The driveway! So I dragged some dumpster finds home and used old soda crates and a drawer to expand into the sunshine.

Upcycling soda crates as a mini veggie garden.

I walked by this drawer at a neighbor's curb all winter long. 

Yum! Maybe I need to do some thinning. Ya think?

Anyhoo, that's the latest for now.  I'll share some more later, but back to work. 

Enjoy the sunshine, everyone and thanks for reading!



Micki said...

The quilt Kristin crafted from the heart got rave reviews!

It's beautiful -- and poignant.

P.S. Yeah, Bill was all about plaid. It never went out of style. lol.

Marcella said...

Your greens make me green with envy, Kristin.

I do believe those Pepsi-Cola crates are valuable collectibles, in the minds of those who collect such items.

Your blog is always interesting.

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