Monday, February 24, 2014

Proactive Postural Restructuring Update

Whoa! I'm so excited to share the latest on my Proactive Postural Restructuring training. I recently hosted a couple of PPR introductory workshops and I got a lot of positive and helpful feedback.

PPR is a somatic exercise method, designed to improve functionality in your a hips, knees, ankles and feet. Over time it can bring better alignment to your pelvis, so that misalignments below and above the pelvis can correct themselves.

As we practiced the moves I'd have the groups get up and walk around a bit. Give them time to feel how their bodies were responding.  To quote some of them, they said they felt taller, straightened out, aligned better, as if their feet were lighter and their ankles moved better. Some people with more pronounced biomechanical deviations--things like feet turned out or weak knees--found the moves challenging but recognized how the exercises could really help them. One person said her knees felt better after just the hour than when she originally walked in the door. Another person even emailed me to say she felt different emotionally the rest of the day. Which just goes to show how powerful somatics can be!

The students thought that this method would be better learned in a series of classes than in a drop in method and I agree. So stay tuned for those courses, coming in March!

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