Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is Proactive Postural Restructuring?

Before I discovered Hanna Somatics I studied Proactive Postural Restructuring, developed by Linda-Christy Weiler who has extensive somatic knowledge. I taught some workshops last year and the feed back was quite positive. To quote some of them, they said they felt taller, straightened out, aligned better, as if their feet were lighter and their ankles moved better. One person said her knees felt better after just the hour than when she originally walked in the door. Another person even emailed me to say she felt different emotionally the rest of the day. Which just goes to show how powerful somatics can be!

Even though I'm focusing primarily on Hanna Somatics these days, and know that Hanna Somatics will provide quicker, more profound and lasting results than just the PPR alone, PPR would be an excellent next step for those who want to add more somatic training to their routines. I still offer this modality to clients, and thought I'd share some key points with you.

With Proactive Postural Restructuring one can:
• develop better mind-body awareness in the lumbar spine, hips, and pelvis so we separate movement that occurs in the hip from  movement that occurs in the spine.
• restore proper length and width to the back, releasing tension.
• restore proper strength and flexibility in the ankles and feet, so they are fully operational which improves our base of support and helps correct stance and gait patterns. 
All of which improves posture, alignment and functionality of muscles and joints, and can release chronic aches and pains. You can read more and watch my video further explaining PPR here. And here's some other info about somatic (mind-body) restorative methods.

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