Thursday, December 5, 2013

It all adds up

I haven't worn a pedometer in years, but was wondering just how much distance I cover in an average day, so I got a hand-me-down one from Brenda. Thanks Brenda!

Today was actually less than my normal amount of time spent walking: no outdoor classes or training sessions, Corey walked Panda Pup this morning (which 98% of the time is my job), no grocery shopping or errand running. So I figured it would be pretty low. I did work inside the studio, took Panda for a walk/jog this evening, Corey and I walked to dinner, and I did my volunteer work at the Holgate Library which keeps me moving around for 2 hours, but not a whole lot.

So, what was my total for today? Over 12,000 steps, or about 6 miles of walking. According to many search results on Google, the average American walks about 5,000 steps per day.

Come on, people! This wasn't that hard to do. Sure, I could neglect my doggie or drive to our new favorite taqueria, but walking is such an easy way to add physical activity to our day without a gym membership or fancy equipment. Too cold to go outside you say? Bha! You burn more calories trying to stay warm and it encourages you to move faster. You know, so you can have a margarita with your tacos! :-)

Maybe you too should get a pedometer for the new year and see just how far you can go... or maybe you already use one or a Fit Bit. How many steps do you average? Come on, do tell! :-)

PS. How many calories do you burn walking a mile? There are variables--age, speed, weight, etc-- that go into figuring the exact amount, but figure between 70-100 calories per mile. I probably burned about 500. You can use this simple calculator here figure out yours.

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