Monday, November 18, 2013

Just the boost I needed!

I've kinda been dragging my feet physically, mentally and emotionally lately. It's a long story, and I've been trying to bring myself to share it with you, but let's just say I've been keeping my efforts, on many fronts, just status quo.

So, my birthday was the 10th and we got away for a much needed mini break to Rog's Retreat on the Stockhouse's Farm, an adorable cottage on a CSA farm in the middle of the Columbia River on Puget Island.
the farm - breakfast in bed - Panda meets the ocean for the first time.

But this past weekend friends wanted to help me celebrate my birthday, and boy did they! Judith took me out for a nice walk, talk and breakfast at Tabor Bread. Then Ellen and Anne wanted to take me out for pie. We planned to meet up at Ellen's house, then head to Pacific Pie Co. I didn't suspect a thing, and was totally blown away when I walked into Ellen's kitchen to a great big "Surprise!"

What do you think? Was I surprised?
This makes me wanna cry happy tears. Love!
Then Brenda, Jen and I ended the evening with sorbet cocktails at 50 Licks and an awesome dinner at Night Light. I hadn't been there in a really long time. Gotta go more often!

Velvet Shiso: coconut lemon saffron sorbet + plum wine
+ sparkling Riesling + a fresh Shiso leaf = yum!
Needless to say, the last week or so has made me appreciate what I do all that much more. I'm so lucky to do what I do, with such amazing women. Everyone is so different, but I think we have such a great little community because there's a common thread of core values. We 're supportive, caring and while we have lots of opinions we never judge. We all want to feel good, challenge ourselves, stay healthy, and accept ourselves and each other without going to extreme measures, be it crazy diets or trendy exercise programs. Everyone has such varied interests too. We share ideas and thoughts on all kinds of topics. Plus lots of laughs! So while I've been dealing with things behind the scenes, I may have lost sight or what really matters most. Just how successful we all are. I have a lot to be thankful for.

And I have a lot of thank you notes to send out!

XO everyone!

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