Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CrossFit is WRONG. You SHOULDN'T pee during your workout

Before some CrossFitnatics come commenting here, just chill. Yes, I know there are some good CF trainers out there, but the overall reputation as a great way to get in shape and boo-yeah! cultish mentality make me cringe. An actual physical therapist--someone who should know the difference between good and bad pain-- was so wrapped up in the madness that it took a trip to the hospital to finally get her to quit. Read her story here.

But what really has me on my soap box today is this recent video from the CrossFit Games touting that peeing while you workout is not only acceptable but is perfectly normal. Huh?! No, it's not. Here are some amazingly fit folks (they talk to women, but men too can have urinary stress incontinence, USI) who obviously are missing some key training/awareness for their pelvic floors. The video makes it out like this condition is not only normal but they're doing us a favor by encouraging women to be proud if the leak a bit while working out. This is BS. And here are some tips and links to help you, whether you're a hardcore exerciser or lose it a bit when you just cough, jump or sneeze.

First up, Ms. Katy Bowman. Katy goes against the grain and says it's not the ubiquitous Kegels that help us, but rather squats. Well, actually she thinks a combo of both works. Her theory is that too many of us actually have tight but weak pelvic floor muscles. She says our obsession with abdominal exercises, poor posture, tucked-under booties all contribute to a pelvis that tilts under, bringing our tailbones closer to a pubic bones, which in turn makes our pelvic floor muscles slack/weak. You can read more about it here.

And here are videos from Physical Therapist Julie Wiebe who says it takes more than just focusing on Kegels/targeting the pelvic floor but getting the pelvic floor, diaphragm, multifidus muscles of the back and transversus abdominis to all work in conjunction with each other. She also has some great videos to bring awareness to finding our pelvic floor muscles and how our posture affects that awareness.

Julie is also in this interview online discussing the offending CrossFit video and her take on it and more ways to help with USI.

All this info may be too much for some, but since it's estimated that at least 50% of women are dealing with this USI, I thought I'd share some info to help. I'll be back with more thoughts soon.

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