Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The body fat factor when losing weight

We just wrapped up our first 8-week Tabata Bootcamp last week. I'll have some great video coming soon, but in the mean time I thought I'd go over the body fat testing we did as part of our pre- and post fitness testing. Students lost around 3-5% body fat, and some thought, "Five percent? Is that very good? What exactly does that mean?" Well, let me tell ya!

Lets say Bridgit weighs 175 pounds and her body fat test registers 35%. That means that 35% of her 175 pounds is 61.25 pounds fat, the other 113.75 pounds is muscle, bone, etc.

Then, 8 weeks later, after kicking butt and modifying her eating habits she loses 5 pounds on the scale and 5% body fat. Her new stats are 170 pounds and 30% body fat. That means she is now 51 pounds fat and 119 pounds of other mass.

Which means she lost a total of 10.25 pounds of fat and gained 5.25 lb of lean muscle mass. Which is awesome! … Lean muscle mass: good :-) Excess body fat: bad :-(

I hope that makes sense. There's some rounding off in the math, but you get the drift, right?

So long story short, those who participated through the whole 8 weeks saw some serious results. Even though the most weight lost by one person was "just" 8 pounds according to the scale, their proportions changed.  They felt different and others noticed the physical changes in their bodies. 

Way to go, Tabata Bootcampers!

Here are a few interesting things to remember when it comes to weight loss vs fat loss.
  • 10% of weight loss from diet alone is lean muscle mass. So you really need to exercise simultaneously or you're just screwing with your metabolism and making it harder for your body to maintain your body weight once you "go off your diet". 
  • That leads me to point out that muscle is muscle and fat is fat. They don't turn into the other as you diet or exercise. You can decrease one and increase the other, depending on your intake (food/calories) and output (exercise) but they don't change from one to the other.
  • Body fat is stored energy (calories), muscles use energy. So if you want to maintain a healthy metabolism you'd be smart to workout in addition to changing your eating habits.
  • Oh, one more thing! You've probably heard people say "muscle weighs more than fat." Uh, no it doesn't. Muscle is denser than fat, meaning, pound for pound it takes up less space than body fat. See the image above. Just like 5 pounds of feathers is equal in weight to 5 pounds of lead. Both weigh the same, but one is obviously denser. A little Anatomy 101, folks.
So, that's the latest about the Tabata Bootcamp. We're in week 7 of the T&Th morning group, and they're doing so well! Can't wait to see their post test results too.

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