Saturday, July 27, 2013

South Tabor Walking Group walks again!

Made this sign and did the hand lettering too! Pretty cute, eh?! 
I've been busy Wednesday evenings for, oh I don't know, the last several months! Which meant that even though the South Tabor Walking Group was theoretically on the schedule, I slacked promoting it and a lot of the walkers slacked too.

Well, my schedule is changing so I'm back on track to get this neighborhood out walking together again!

Meet up at the corner of SE 66th and Woodward

Wednesdays @ 7pm

You can just show up, or RSVP on one of my Meet Up Groups, Friends of Take It Outside Fitness and Crafty Nights and More is South Tabor so you'll get updates about my latest events.

I host these walks to:
• get out an enjoy the fresh air and low tech benefits of being outside
• encourage folks to find walking/workout buddies within the group
• learn about what's going in our community and share it with others
• give people an opportunity to talk with a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer (that's yours truly :-)
Here are answers to FAQs
Everyone can join, whether you live in the area or not. 
Walks are generally 1-hour, but you can break off early if need be.  
Dress for the weather and have appropriate shoes. 
Small kiddos don't enjoy these walks much because of the speed and duration. 
If we have a large enough group it might split into 2. One for faster walkers and the other for slower peeps. So the more turn out the better!
Where we go varies from week to week. We've walked up Mt Tabor, visited the Old Dahlia House, gone to the library, and just tooled around the 'hood.

OK! See you soon!


Micki said...

That sign should count as ONE OF YOUR CRAFTY ITEMS for the year.

Mark it down!

It's kristin-krafty!

Trainer, Crafter, Kristin said...

Oh I'm already on it, Micki!

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