Monday, May 13, 2013

Seeking Tabata Bootcamp Testers

Hi again, everyone!

If you know me, you know I love interval training.  And these days we're doing short and sweet ones that are really fun. And effective! A lot of people are calling it Tabata training, which is interval training requiring you to kick butt for 20 seconds, rest for 10, as you cycle through a series of exercises. Some workouts are done in 8 minutes or less. There was even an article in the New York Times, talking about the Scientific 7-Minute Workout. You can read more about Tabata training in my last post too.

I like these short bursts so much I completed the Tabata Bootcamp Instructor Training Program. I researched some of popular programs but found too many of them unsafe and kind of cultish.

Tabata Bootcamp is different. For the trainer and the students. You get great workouts with your trainer (like me!), but you also can take advantage of their weight-loss meal plans, receive daily 6-minute Tabata videos, and daily recipes. And I don't believe in a one-size-fits all, so I can modify these workouts so everyone can get a safe and effective workout. Oh, and just FYI, unless your trainer is a certified nutritionist or registered dietician, she/he can not legally prescribe a diet. With me being certified by Tabata Bootcamp, you'll have access to the Tabata bootcamp website where a registered dietician has developed a diet plan to help you lose weight as you go through the program.

So, now it's time for us to test this whole thing out! I need some folks who are looking to get in great shape, lose fat, tone muscle and push themselves in a fun way! Here's my plan. I'm going to blend Tabata Bootcamp with my Healthy Habits Program, so you get workouts, meal plans, pre- and post-training fitness assessments, as well as weekly healthy goals/lifestyle tips homework, so you can create permanent changes to your health and life!

Tabata Bootcamp Plus
2 training sessions/week x 8 Weeks
Mondays and Wednesdays, May 22-July 17 (No class 5/27) 
Sessions will be at my private studio and outside.

Each session will incorporate:
  • warm up
  • cardio, resistance, and core intervals
  • intervals will be 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest
  • extensive cool down, foam roller massage and stretching
  • Check-ins on weekly goals
  • First and last sessions will include fitness assessments
Program will include :
  • daily 6 minute exercise videos
  • meal plans for weight loss
  • daily recipes
Be a part of this new program as a Tabata Tester and save!
Special Intro Fee: $199

You can drop in on the workout portion of this class (approximately 5:45-6:15) as part of your punchcard, if space is available. The remaining time will focus on cool down, weekly goals and homework for only those registered for the Tabata Bootcamp Program.

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Jana said...

We were just talking about something just like this at breakfast the other day Kristin. Thanks for offering it.

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