Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Take It Outside Fitness!

When people ask me how I started Take It Outside Fitness I tell them this: Ten years ago I was working at a community center where I taught water aerobics and offered personal training. One day the manager frantically asked me to sub a Step Aerobics class. Who me? I don't teach Step! I said I'd be happy to come up with a circuit class as an alternative and she took it.

The class participants were all friendly and enjoyed the format. So much so that three of them came up after class and wanted to know where else I taught this circuit format. I told I had been toying with the idea of starting outdoor circuit classes, they all gave me their contact info, said, "I'll come! Just tell me when and where!"  and the rest is history.

Those three ladies were some of my first class peeps. One of them moved away, but two of them still train with me today. How's that for retention!? :-) Friendships will do that. :-)

Anyhoo, that's how it all started.

Many thanks goes out to everyone who's help make Take It Outside Fitness what it is. Special thanks goes out to Gayle, Christa, and Jen for cheering me on at that very first Step Aerobics class that wasn't. And thank goodness for that! :-)

A gigantic thanks goes out to my husband, Corey, who has seen it all, listened to me babble on about the psoas muscle and programing ideas, plus built me the most rockin' studio around.

XXOO to you all!


I was thinking that since it's my Ten Year Anniversary, I should do a 10 for 10 offer, so here it is! Happy anniversary to you!

Small print: Offer applies to regularly scheduled classes/sessions on the calendar. One coupon per person. If you are a current student, you can take advantage of this offer and active the discounted card when your current card expires. Otherwise, card expires 8 weeks from date of purchase. Other restrictions may apply that I haven't considered yet, because I'm rushing to post this ASAP. Offer expires at the end of May 2013, unless it's super popular and I run it a bit longer. You never know, so don't just sit on this and wait, email me to get your 10-Small Group Session Punchcard for $100!


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary TIOF! I LURRRRVE You!!

Trainer, Crafter, Kristin said...

Thanks, Kate. I lurrrve you too!

I couldn't do it without you. Especially the keeping track of which rep in the set we're on. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary K @ TIOF!!!!

You deserve a GOLD MEDAL for starting and growing your business in what have been some tough economic times! I'm so glad you did. It has made a big difference in my life.

Trainer, Crafter, Kristin said...

Why thank you!

Even if "they" say the economy is better, I still think people are feeling the pinch, so I hope this special helps people get started on taking better care of their health. It's a true investment if you ask me!

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