Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cut the chaos, lose the weight. Part 2

This Cut the Chaos, Lose the Weight Series of posts features guest bloggers talking bout some why losing weight can be a challenge for some of us. But not for the regular reasons most of think. If you are overwhelmed by clutter, unfinished projects, money matters, then no amount of crunches or Lean Cuisines are going to fix them. They can literally weigh you down.  Yesterday Stephanie Pesceone with Dirty Deeds shared tips on Why Housekeeping Should be a Part of Your Wellness Practice.

Today my friend Mary, who is a Financial Coach, shares a different way to look at money in our lives..

Money is Energy
There is an old saying "money is round to keep it rolling." Of course, these days money is not only in that form but also bills, plastic cards and computer/telephone transactions.  But they all basically reflect the very same thing: the movement of energy.

Our global economy is fortunate (some say not) that we have currency systems to provide an extensive energy exchange for diverse human needs.  Money is neither positive nor negative, but may seem that way based on how we feel about it or perceive it to be. The exchange of money is simply an exchange of energy.

We have flipped the calendar once more to a new year.  Do whatever you can this year to enhance the flow of money in your life.  Start with small things to make progress quickly:  pay off an overdue bill, shop for phone services, call in a loan from a friend, start a savings account, help someone in need, keep track of your expenses, pay off a credit card debt, ask for a raise or talk with your family about money. Find yourself in the "can do" mindset regarding money and cash flow.  If you tell yourself  "I'll be a bag lady soon" or "I'll never have enough money to make ends meet" , then guess what?

Most importantly, have an attitude of gratitude!  Focus on abundance and feel the energy of money flowing through your life.

Happy New Year!

Mary Dunk Christensen, CFP®
Financial Coaching and Education

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