Sunday, September 23, 2012

My New S.A.N.E. Classes

You know those informercials for extreme exercise programs touting fast weight loss and 6-pack abs? For newbie exercisers those programs are like a brand new jogger starting with a half marathon. Silly, right? So, why do people start with over-the-top routines when they don't have any sense of body mechanics, haven't lifted more than a a 24-pack of beer or jumped rope since college? Patience, grasshoppah. Do too much right off the bat and you'll be back on the sidelines, and set back further than you are today. 

Meet Madeline.
She's 60+ and kicks bootie in my
regular Take It Outside Fitness classes.
Younger students want to be like her!
In response to all those insane fitness programs out there I've developed my new S.A.N.E. Fitness Classes. S.A.N.E. stands for Senior and Newbie Exercise. Clever, eh?! Here's why I'm excited to offer this new programing:
  • It's for anyone who wants to workout smarter and safer. Just like my regular classes, I provide explanation and modifications for exercises, so everyone knows what, why and how to do the moves. 
  • It gives students a chance to see what we do in other classes, but at a slower pace plus with lots of attention to detail
  • It cuts the fear factor. Changing a habit, trying something new, unsure where to start, it all can make that first step the hardest. These classes give students a huge motivational boost when they realize, "Hey! Look! I can do it!"
  • The community camaraderie  makes everyone feel welcome and in the same boat. It's that accountability + support that increases success rates and results
  • Everyone, yes everyone, needs to be active. Every day. It's not rocket science, and I make exercise fun and easy to fit into your life. You don't need a gym or fancy machines. I'm all about movement to make us more efficient and functional in our everyday lives
OK, now the serious stuff.
  • Obesity rates are climbing fast and picking up speed. Between now and 2030, projected costs for obesity related health care will be $550 billion.
  • We all age, but how we age is largely up to how we maintain our bodies and what we feed them. It's up to you if you want to just live longer, or live better longer.
  • Exercise is medicine. Most ailments we suffer from can be kept in check and/or cured with exercise. (diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, etc) Yes, it requires more effort than popping a pill, but exercise has a hell of a lot more positive side effects compared to drugs and it's definitely more affordable!
Have you heard about exercise?
It's cheap, accessible,  and drug companies don't want you to think about it!

OK, this might seem like a blatant plug for my new classes, but I'm not in this just for that. The fitness world can seem like a complex place to the novice. And it can be expensive; Americans spend about $40 billion a year on weight loss products and $20 billion on gym memberships. I aim to simplify it, make it accessible, and affordable for those looking for clever, fun ways to get in shape and feel great. Join me, won't you? Check the schedule and let's get moving!

If you have questions just holler and I'll be in touch soon!

Peace and health,

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