Monday, September 3, 2012

Killing them softly

I realize parents want to keep their kids as safe as possible, but have you seen the new merry-go-round at Mt Tabor Park? The old-school merry-go-round has been replaced with this.
The all new Revolving Baby Barcalounger at Mt Tabor.
 Looks like a ring of baby Barcaloungers, to me. This new design discourages scooting around it with one foot on, the other on the ground pushing them. No handles to grab onto to push it around as fast as they can. No standing and balancing. Zilch. Just sitting. Sitting in seats that support their little bodies so they don't have to. At least they'll be safe to develop type-2 diabetes.

Ironically, while this design is supposed to be safer, I've seen a lot of kids who want to use it like the old one, straddling the wall/edge/seatback of it and falling off. I'm waiting for a sign that says children "must remain seated until the merry-go-round has come to a complete stop".

Gone are the care-free days of being a kid...

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