Sunday, July 15, 2012

Does this chair make me look fat?

Is it just me, or are there more kids around here with squishy centers? Not to sound like an old crank, but we didn't look like that when we were kids!  I'm gonna partly attribute the multitude of muffin tops out there, to all the sitting around we do. Sitting does nothing for our cores and can actually shorten our lifespans. So, join me as we get up off our booties and work our cores even if it's ever so slightly.

I once talked about using a ball as a chair, but I'm going beyond the ball and encouraging you to stand/move while at your computer, watching TV, crafting etc. You don't have to go the treadmill desk route, but if you want a bit more challenge than just standing there, and want to avoid slumping into one hip that I could see some of us doing, try standing on a balance tool, on one foot at a time, or use rotational discs.

Here's what I've done at my house. I've raised an old desk high enough for standing and working. Then I stand at my desk now and I switch between time on a balance disc, just barefoot, on my rotational discs--rotating my legs inward and outward to work my legs and hips-- and on just one disc rotating my waist and hips side to side, which feels really good! Shoot, maybe I'll even put a balance disc on top of a rotational one!

Balance aids like these can challenge your balance,
which in turn requires more of your muscles to work.

These are wooden discs Corey and I --who am I kidding--Corey made
for my pilates classes.
Depending on your weight/height/age/etc you could burn an extra 25 calories per hour standing vs sitting. Add some movement or activate more muscles--like while balancing-- and it could be even more.

To some 25 calories may seem insignificant, but reverse that math and realize that sitting around can contribute to that sneaky annual weight gain so many of us experience. Like eating a handful of M-n-Ms every day, or choosing a double cheeseburger over a turkey sub hold the mayo. It's not that the occasional indulgence--or even sitting down-- is going to make you fat, it's just the habits we choose that do. Or don't do. Everyday we have a million choices to make. The more often you choose the healthier ones, the better.



Anonymous said...

hey Kristen -
i finally had a sec to check out a couple posts! Good job, keep it up

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

Thanks! If you'd like to be a part of the "comment and win" contest, remember to let me know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Have any info on the build of those discs? They look great!

Unknown said...

I really like the discs maybe Corey can make some and sell them at your soon to be very famous studio! Maybe you need a contest to name the studio? More ways to win prizes - because I want a month of free classes!!!

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

Oh, I like that idea Judith. Stay tuned...

Judiyh said...

I just read the blog on standing at your desk and then standing on the balance discs - so the goal really is not only 24 hour fitness awareness but actually doing it!

Trainer, Crafter, Kristin said...

I always ask my clients how much do you *want* to reach your goal and how much *effort* will you commit to reach your goal. Two completely different thoughts. ;-)

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