Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Craft a New Body: DIY foam roller

You probably know by now how much I love my foam roller. Once people try one, they want one of their own. Prices vary greatly, based on material and length. If you buy one I suggest you avoid the softer white ones because they are so soft they compress into a brick and no longer roll. They're cheaper for a reason; they don't last.

Anyway, in my ever crafty, DIY mind, I wondered if I could make my own foam roller of sorts. I googled "make your own foam roller" and found people are making them out of PVC pipe. PVC?! According Healthy Building Network, "PVC is the worst plastic from an environmental health perspective, posing major hazards in its manufacture, product life and disposal."  

What's a more earth friendly, upcycled way to make your own foam rollers? Try cardboard tubing used for flooring materials. (think paper towel tube, but on a much heavier duty level) We recently remodeled our tiny main floor bathroom. I took one look at the left over tube from our marmoleum flooring and immediately wondered if it could hold my weight and be used like a foam roller of sorts. Obviously its not made out of foam, but it actually worked! 

I suggest cutting your tube about 4.5 feet or longer in length instead of the regular 3 foot ones. The ends do compress a bit if you lay on them length wise so if they're longer you can avoid sitting too close to the end of the roller and squishing it.

This option is very firm, even compared to the standard firm foam rollers on the market. Some folks who are making their own out of PVC are wrapping theirs with camp mat material and duct tape. You could do that, but check back here. I'm mulling over other ideas to soften the pressure. Stay tuned!

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Your tune-up of our website looks snazzy! Yay!

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