Sunday, June 17, 2012


On a recent neighborhood walk someone said his favorite bummer sticker is the one that says "if indoor plumbing doesn't thrill you, nothing will." Which got us talking about just how many everyday little things we take for granted. We can focus on our To Do Lists, our Think We Have To Do Lists, not to mention how much technology--that thing that's supposed to make life more efficient--sucks our time and souls away.

 Maybe it's the long-long awaited awesome weather here in Portland, but folks seem happier and nicer. And when I feel happy, everyday things make me thankful-happy. A few Thanksgivings ago I pledged to post 3 things I was thankful for, for a year. I'm sure I could do that again, but just gonna post when the thought strikes me. . .and I hope you'll join me.

 Today I'm thankful for my Daddy. Well I'm thankful for him everyday. And yes, I still call him Daddy. From his positive outlook to his awesome--sometimes shaggy--stories about his life always make me smile and laugh out loud. That he put his family first back when most men didnt even change diapers, much less change careers, he did so he could be a true part of our lives. The fact that he's alive--against a lifetime of medical issues--is a testament to why we are all here for a reason. We may not know why but we are. I love you, Daddy. Thanks for everything!

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Next stop: show this to your daddy!

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