Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Give your desk a raise

I bought this desk second hand years ago. Sanded it down, applied linseed oil, and have been loving it ever since. But I recently changed up my studio/office space and was looking around for something that would function as my desk and crafting work table, plus help me avoid turning into a hunchback. First I raised the desk with wooden blocks, but I kept thinking it was like an old Studebaker up on blocks.

Gayle has used PVC pipe to raise her tables to work table height when she works the farmers' market. Which made me think, how about some sort of wooden pipe leg extenders thingies? Lucky for me, my father-in-law came to the rescue! He has a wood lathe the size of a Yugo and would happily spend his days turning wood 'til the cows come home. He was super jazzed to take on this assignment. The photos don't do them justice, plus I think they're better looking than the desk. Thanks, Paul!

Wooden leg extenders to raise up my desk.

This is cherry wood, in case
you have a wood fetish like our family does.
What about you? Have you gotten out of your chair and started standing up to work? Studies say it could improve your health and extend your life.


Micki said...

Paul's beautiful workmanship sure beats these table leg extenders.


Marcella said...

I wish your father-in-law would "turn" some extenders for me.

I always wanted to be taller. :-)

But seriously, good on him for providing the solution for what you needed!

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