Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outdoor Workout #2: NE corner of Mt Tabor Park

A few weeks ago I posted a workout I put together for the Wasabi Kraken Dragon Boat team recently over at Creston Park. Thanks to everyone who gave a the thumbs up on the routine! Now, I may be designing workouts around a particular Portland park, but I'll share what you need to do a similar workout right in your own neighborhood/town. Feel free to ask questions below too.

OK! So today's workout is over in the northeast section of Mt Tabor Park. Not here in Portland? Find an area with:

  • tennis or basketball courts or just mark off some lines with chalk or use landmarks as your "lines"
  • several flights of stairs or a hill
  • picnic table
  • a volleyball net or two trees/poles with a rope tied between about 4.5' above the ground (like a limbo line)
We always start with a walking warm up, throwing in some shoulder rolls, grapevines, slow lunges etc. which takes about 5-10 minutes.

for this workout we used the picnic tables over on the east side of the park that face lovely Mt Hood and the gorge. With a view like that and the trees as our ceiling you can easily see why we love the outdoors as our "gym"! Ok, back to the workout…

Set 1
Start off with a set Traveling lunges around the tables 1x (or 1 minute)
Next do a set of negative push ups and side planks on the table top or the ground. From a plank position we moved into a side plank to the right, then to the left then back to the center for a super slow negative push up, just doing the lowering portion of a push up all the way down, then cobra, then back on to the toes. Repeat 6x.
Set of 30 dead bugs

Next, run down to the tennis courts, run suicides on the lines, but touch the lines with your hand switching hands at each end! 

Come back up to the picnic tables.
Repeat set 1

Set 2
Tricep dips. 15 regular style OR cross left ankle over right knee for 8 dips then switch legs for another 8.
Leg lift ab crunches
Do a set of pilates breast strokes but position yourself across table top so your chest and arms are over the edge of the table top. Imagine "diving off" edge of table in the forward motion of the regular breaststroke exercise. You'll have a larger range of motion with this modification. If you feel this in your lower back, you're doing it wrong. Engage your abs and rear end to stabilize your lower back. Set of 10 reps.

Back down for another round of suicides then head to the volleyball court (or a set of trees with a string tied between them)

Set 3
travel the length of the rope or net doing a combination of squats with bob and weave + upper cuts side to side of the rope. Turn around and repeat. 3x
Shuffle and limbo. Limbo under the rope then shuffle sideways, turn around and limbo again, turn around and shuffle back. Repeat 5x.
Traveling backward lunges across volleyball court.

Run the stairs. Single steps for 1 flight (to a landing), double steps for 2 flights, repeat to top. (if you only have a short set of stairs do this multiple times for about 3 minutes)

Back to the volleyball court and repeat set 3
Back to the tables, repeat set 2.
Run to the stairs and repeat the single step, double step sequence.

You can do this all again or go into cool down and stretch mode.

I've started this series of workout posts for folks who know my style and exercises and want a reminder of what we do so they can workout on their own between classes or sessions. I'm happy to share some of the workouts with you too! But if this is completely foreign to you, consider dropping in on a class or signing up for a session or two to learn how to do the moves correctly and safely. I also offer personal training via phone, computer and video, if you're outside the Portland area. 

If these posts are not only completely foreign but you haven't exercised since high school, and even then you took badminton to avoid sweating, please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog and your health care provider before starting this or any other exercise program. This is for fun and those who can safely handle it. Listen to your body!

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