Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just finish it!

A while back I gabbed about thinking positively to help you reach your goals. I referred to the walk/jog/run classes, but really the principles could apply to just about any goal. Today I just want to add one more point; finish what you start!

The W/J/R is a basic beginning jogging program. It's not about distance or speed, we just run for certain amounts of time. The program is designed so your body adapts to the weekly incremental increases from one minute to 20 by the end of the eight week program.

Back on day one, everyone was thrilled. They all ran/walked and did great! Some said how hard they thought it would be, but were amazed how well they did. Each week the course got a bit more challenging, but totally doable. Most of the people stuck with it, but a few started looking for an alternative. Oh, how I wish those peeps would continue with the routine, finish the program, and be proud!

As a personal trainer I see this throw-in-the-towel-before-really-getting-started mentality all the time. Maybe some of them aren't yet ready for change. But since they've taken the time and effort to start, I sure wish they would see it through to the end. I suspect some have self imposed expectations--I'm not fast enough, I'm short of breath, I feel jiggly, I'm not in good enough shape, whatever--so they quickly lose their mojo. Wanna know a secret? If you keep at it, you can get faster, improve your cardiovascular capacity, tone up and feel better. . . if you stick with it! On the other hand, if you stop and start a bunch of different routines, you're likely to always be starting and stopping different routines. Never finishing, just starting, over and over again. So, all I'm suggesting, is just finish what you start.

The world out there is filled with diets and fitness programs touted as "the one!" "the best!" "different from the others!"  That's all crap. There is no magic pill or program. I don't claim that my W/J/R class will make you thin and beautiful or rich. But  I will promise that if you finish you will have a sense of accomplishment. And with it, maybe you will lose weight, feel great which is reflected on the outside and, well, no it won't make you monetarily rich, but richer for achieving something you might have thought impossible. From there, who knows what you can achieve.

A sense of accomplishment no matter how small, can be a huge boost to your moral. So please, just finish it and be happy with yourself! Go for it!

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