Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My favorite books for beginning runners

Hey there! We're in week two of a new Walk/Jog/Run team training right now. Most of the peeps in the class come in with the aspirations to run, but with mild I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it thoughts in the back of their heads too. I love this program, because by week 8 they can all run for 20 minutes straight. They are amazed, I knew they could do it all along. That is, as long as they do their homework!

Each week of class I share tips on form, how to get rid of side stitches, cross training drills, etc. Which made me think, I really ought share some of my favorite books for runners.

There are tons of books on running out there. And honestly I think a lot of them are redundant. Good info, but not much new meat from title to the other. But here are three that I really enjoy and pull out from time to time just for inspiration and refresher.

Run Like A Mother, which I actually reviewed awhile back, so you can see read more here.

I love Sam Murphy's Run For Life, the Real Woman's Guide to Running. She's a physiotherapist in the UK so her thoughts and insights are a bit more in depth than some of the books this side of the pond. She has loads of tips for us girls, but I think a lot of what she says could apply to dudes too. Well most of it. ;-)

For those who dream of running a marathon, I absolutely love The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer. This book details the mental, emotional and physiological aspects of preparing for a marathon. The training plan is based on a marathon training class at the University of Northern Iowa. It's written by a phys ed coach and a professor in the psych department. Between the two of them, they give you all the mental and physical coaching you need to complete your first marathon. The book follows students with their personal stories. Pure inspiration for those of us who like to be active, accomplish things but aren't elite athletes. You know, normal people!

OK, gotta run. See you out there!

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