Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthy Habits + ____________

In the past I have offered a 10-week course called Healthy Habits, Healthy You. The intention of the course is encourage you to make conscious efforts to implement small, sustainable changes each week, that add up to substantial results as you progress. Pretty much a Rome-wasn't-built-in-a-day-but-you-create-the-building-blocks kind of a program.

The thing I've always found challenging with this type of program is that there is large chunk of time dedicated to check in and updates within the group, which is important, but we spend a lot of time sitting on our rumps. No es bueno, if we're trying to engage in more physical activity. Am I right?

So, I've decided to blend a exercise option with the Healthy Habits program, like Pilates for Newbies + HH or Neighborhood Walks + HH. I'm really excited to start this and look forward to everyone reaping the benefits of two great offerings all rolled into one!

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