Thursday, February 16, 2012

Butt kicking workout at Creston Park

My latest blogging goal is to share more workout ideas with you all. So, the butt-kicking workout I recently did with Wasabi Kraken (Southeast Portland's Youth Dragonboat Team) seems like a fabulous place to start. I mean who doesn't like working on her bootie, right?

The workouts I'll share will most likely relate to a specific park around Portland, OR, but read through and you'll probably be able to find some alternative right in your own neighborhood. Today's workout is based on the trails that jet off from the north side of Creston Pool in Creston Park, which is located at SE Powell Blvd and SE 42nd Ave.

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WHERE: CRESTON PARK warm up, then start the drills at NE corner of pool area. (Not in Portland? Find a location with flat areas, hills and stairs)
WARM UP: 5-10 minutes walking, grapevines, side slides, leg swings, etc.
note: the trails are and the directions are color coded. 
Trail A: 20 traveling lunges up the hill. Then run the rest of the way up the hill. Easy walk/jog down hill
Trail B:  Walk/jog to staircase then go up staircase, one step at a time. Come back down.
Trail A:  repeat 20 lunges and run on hill
Trail B:  stairs again but this time run up stairs, two at a time. Repeat stairs.
Trail C:  walk/jog to NW corner of pool and jog/run/sprint up trail to sidewalk. Walk/easy jog back down.
Trail D:  10 traveling squats leading with left leg, turn and do more 10 more traveling squats leading with right leg. Follow with a run up the rest of the trail and stairs at top of trail.
Trail A:  repeat the 20 lunges and run on trail A
Trail B: repeat staircase, take steps 2 at a time
Trail C:  walk to NW corner of pool and repeat run up trail
Trail B:  repeat stairs single steps
Trail E: Once you're at the top of the stairs, speed walk for 2 minutes + run at faster than normal pace for 1 minute,  6x.

Through out this workout maintain proper posture and engage the muscles in your rear end.
Great job! Let me know how it goes. Any requests?

Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this blog and your health care provider before starting this or any other exercise program. This is for fun and those who can safely handle it. Listen to your body!

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