Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shoulder stablization

Last week I showed how to do a tricep dip and Christine asked on Facebook if this move is safe for everyone or should it be avoided by some.

Not every exercise is for every body, but everybody should exercise! For someone with wrist issues or a particular shoulder issue might be advised not to do it.

A big key to a proper tricep dip is shoulder stabilization. Here's my super-simple way to recognize and turn on your shoulder stabilizer muscles.

  • stand, facing a mirror
  • take note of how your arms hang at your sides and where your hands are. Do this before reading on. . .
  • . . . OK, do your palms facing the front of your thighs? If so, your shoulders are slightly or maybe very protracted (rounded forward). This is no es bueno.
  • Now I want you relax your shoulders down, lengthen your neck a bit and rotate your arms so that your hands now face the sides of your hips
With this simple move you've turned on the smaller, stabilizing muscles around your scapula and this is what your should strive for in your everyday life as well as when you workout. It's a small move but makes a world of difference in your appearance and performing exercises properly. Let me know what you see and feel!

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