Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little surprises

How cute are these?! I recently stopped in at a new little second hand store, not looking for anything particular and then I saw these. (Hopefully the new momma who's about to receive them is too busy to read blogs these days!) These little baby booties are felted wool, in the original box and never worn. Score! 
Look what Baby G is getting!
This is what I love about thrifting. You get so much in return. You repurpose something, you put money into the pocket of a local business person (and maybe the previous owner if it's on consignment), and you find cool stuff not found at the mall. Plus I think the thrill of the hunt, rather than just the mindless gathering at big box stores is more rewarding.

Where did I find them? Patti Smith West, Revolving Resale Shop on NE 42nd just north of Freemont. Patti is so into repurposing, she wrapped them up using old sewing patterns for the tissue. Clever! We just tied a ribbon around the box, because I thought the box was too cute to cover up.

So, now I just need to throw together a meal for the new parents and drop off the goods! 


~christa~ said...

I love those...I wonder if I can make them in my size?!

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

I bet we could figure out how. Anything is possible when it comes to crafting!

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