Saturday, November 12, 2011

I heart walk/jog/runs in the fall

Kate says I am now so 2007. I got an iPhone and iPad for my b-day! Not to be too much like a 13 year old girl, but now I can photograph and post blog-worthy things almost instantaneously. Plus this new habit gives me the excuse to stop running up hills to point and shoot.

The leaves are exceptional this fall! Get out there and enjoy!
I love the ones that are orangey-pinky colored.
Mother Nature is amazing.
This one was taken at the Japanese Gardens.


Gayle said...

welcome to gadget-geekdom! beware- it's addictive, but oh-so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, so you're the Kirstin Lula is talking about. Maybe it is a sign I need to step up my fitness program that you popped by my blog for a visit, LOL! Hmm. That' s okay, I walk everyday and my camera is always with me so I am liking this let's stop running up hill to photograph beautiful things. A win win in my eyes! Thanks for paying me a visit and Happy Thanksgiving! Margie

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