Friday, November 4, 2011

I cannot lie

A newbie after a class grabbed her inner thigh and asked "Can you get rid of this!?" I'm thinking, Huh? What is this girl talking about? She's trim, fit and looks great to me (with the exception of some really poor posture). She convinced she has fat thighs.  We talked about what she eats, how she exercises, her family make up.  I couldn't lie to her and promise her something that was probably impossible to change without some over-the-top obsessive training + an unsustainable diet, or going under the knife.

I did tell her she could do her body and appearance a world of good if she took my pilates classes. Like I mentioned, and to quote her, her posture "sucks". But she's young and more fixated on vanity than quality of life, so she's going to stick with her routine at Big Box Gym.

Oh well. You win some you lose some. Maybe she'll be back someday. With her posture what it is, I foresee some serious issues with her shoulders. Her computer-heavy work load + crappy posture = things like carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, TMJ, headaches, etc. Helping her to avoid those nasty pains? There's something I could guarantee. And that's no lie.

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Gayle said...

It is your honesty that makes you the most awesome trainer. You tell it like it is to make us (me)work on what we really need. and I may grumble (loudly) about it, but ultimately I thank you!

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