Thursday, October 27, 2011

welcome home

When I get a vision and a few spare minutes, I start changing things around, mosaicing over found objects, repurposing household items. And since this is trainer, crafter, kristin, I thought you might like a tour of Casa de Chaos. (While my husband loves my creativity, I do tend to chase my pretty-sparkly ideas like a cat chases her shadow, which create a lot of upheaval around here. I'm working on that. . .) Thought I might as well start at the front gate. . .

Our street address sign with dragonflies, that I made in a fabulous welding class at PNCA. And here's a mosaic mailbox I made from someone's discarded box and random found things.

An Ikea lamp that gave off too much glare, which is probably why it was in the As-Is section.  I softened the light with some fabric decoupaged on to the glass. Ahhh, so simple and much nicer.

This is one of the few things I've made that I really love. I'm sure some Arts and Crafts aficionado would say I sacrilegiously painted over the brick on our fireplace, but it was ugly. Period. Long story short, this fireplace is on it's second facelift. This time Corey drilled mounts into the inset so the mosaic board could be removed. Ya know, for when I want to change things again. 

This cabinet had chinese paintings on the doors which was great when the living room was sunshine yellow and red. I changed the paint which means I had to change the furniture too. Right? I painted the edge and I covered it with fabric and ribbons. I heart my staple gun! Changing the fabric will be easy for a future look or room.

Sweet Miss Ellie on her patchwork blanket.
New life for a very old quilt, as a pillow top. Don't look at my edging. Gotta work on that. 

Well, that's about it for the living room. I'll show you around the rest of the place soon. . .thanks for stopping by!


Marcella said...

This was so much fun, Kristin. I love "snooping" around other people's homes (with their permission!).

I hope you give us the entire tour, becuz you're inspiring me to get off my butt, not only from that Kitty, but to fix my place up for the holidays.

Thank you for the inspiration. I'm moving...I'm moving....don't bite my ass, Kitty! LOL!

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

You're quite welcome, Marcella!

You'll have to share what you're making. If you're in Portland you should come to my fitness studio on Nov 3 or 17th for open crafty nights. Nothing like a scheduled event to keep you on track!

Gayle said...

You have such an awesome eye for color! You should feel proud about the fireplace. It's beautiful.

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

Thanks, Gayle! I always love doing mosaics. I break things like scrap stained glass and tiles then piece them together into new shapes like a puzzle.

micki said...

Little Miss Ellie loves her blinkie!

These creative works of art and the photos are great, IMUO! (in my unbiased opinion)

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

Thanks to you too, Micki. Miss Ellie really does love her blinkie!

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