Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meals in mere minutes

So often I hear people say that they don't have time to cook. I don't buy it. It takes practice to be speedy in the kitchen, but tasty meals in minutes are possible. Honest!

Take today's lunch. I was home so I sauteed up some beet greens, topped them with a fried egg and even whipped up some of my flat leaf pesto. The key to quick meal is keeping it simple and multitasking. While the greens wilted, I threw the pesto ingredients in the food processor. Then I stir the greens with some seasoning and transferred them to my bowl, fried my egg, assembled the rest, and lunch was ready in 10 minutes! Plus I have left over pesto for some future meal. Hmmmm.....what shall I make for dinner?

sauteed beet greens with fried egg, flat leaf pesto and carrots

Easy, tasty and pretty darn quick. Oh, and healthy too. That's the reason for making meals ourselves, right? Do you have a favorite, fast, not-from-a-fast-food-joint meal?

Here are some other suggestions from around the blogger world.
50 meals in 10 minutes from Stone Soup. Jules has some valuable tips to make your kitchen/life as streamline as possible too.
Cheap-Healthy-Good blog has a plethora of recipes!
I heart Jamie Oliver too.

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