Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life without a microwave oven

Over a year ago I wanted more counter space. Plus I wondered just how safe are microwave ovens, so I went cold turkey, put ours out at the curb, listed it on Craigslist. Gone!

I figure I'm saving some cash too. I used to pick up a lot of Trader Joe's frozen entrees, but without a microwave oven, reheating leftovers is faster than cooking a frozen dish.

Anyway, how have I been /heatingreheating without the beloved Radar Range? Pretty easily actually.

  • There's the good old fashion pot on the stove top. I add a bit of water to leftovers. For frozen entrees that come in containers I just pop them out like out of an ice cube tray directly into the pan, heat on medium low, and stir a bit along the way. Done almost a quickly as the microwave. Honest.
  • I eat a lot of cold/room temp foods. Saves time and energy!
  • I broil things like open-faced sandwiches, leftover pizza, etc in the broiler
  • I've developed a whole new appreciation for my bamboo steamer.
  • I've concocted what I call my "skillet oven" if I want to heat up something like a hand pie from Pacific Pie Company. I put a canning jar ring in the skillet, place the pie, tamale, etc on top of it, add a smidge of water to the pan to start off the process, cover and cook on medium low (for less time than what it would take for the traditional or toaster oven) and flip once or twice. Gets crispy and doesn't stick. Works great! Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself. I'm so easily impressed.

So if you wonder if you can survive without a microwave oven, it's actually quite simple. And if you find yourself in a power failure, a gas stove is going to be a lifesaver!


~Christa~ said...

Hurray!! I've been microwave free for a little over 3 years now. I do not miss it in the least bit. I don't buy frozen foods at all....well, except items that can be defrosted. Like shrimp, and they are easily defrosted in some cold water or when I drop them into a stir fry. The water that is created in the pan when they start to turn pink lends some moisture to the dish. Well, I do buy frozen mangoes and pineapple wedges, but who microwaves those? Heh heh.

I admit, I have reheated my leftovers at work in the microwave there, for my lunch. But, not very often as I tend to make dishes that can be eaten at room temperature as well.

I love your creativity with the ring and pan. I will have to give that one a try someday. Otherwise, the stove top and broiler have been my best friends in the kitchen, too!

Sara Tetreault said...

Hi Kristin,
Congratulations on this big change in your kitchen. We've been microwave free at our house since we moved in - 16 years ago! It's not that hard and I do think we eat healthier as a result. Nice post. Love Craig's List for getting rid of things, too.

trainer, crafter, kristin said...

Christa, you were one of my inspirations for getting rid of our microwave oven. I don't miss it at all.

Sara, 16 years! That's impressive! I do love Craigslist too. I've gotten rid of so many things thru it.

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