Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a picture is worth a 1000 words

No, this isn't one of those ads for the latest weight loss program. (But you should consider this the next time you see a set of "before and after" pictures.) No this is just a little wake up call for all of us in regards to our--wait for it--posture!

See, last Friday some folks took advantage of my free postural assessments at the studio. Nothing too painful. I just had them each stand between a grid on the wall and a plumb line in front of them. From there I evaluated the position of certain landmarks on their bodies from toe to head. Things like, do their feet roll in? Do the knees turn out? What about the pelvis? Is it level? Hiked on one side? Rotated? And so on up the body, from the front, back and sides. Then I photographed them from each angle and we blew up the images on the computer so we could talk about what we saw. Lastly I gave them basic cues to tweak their posture and photographed them again.

Pretty amazing, eh?! They now have a better awareness of what their bodies habitually do, and what it feels like to be in a better alignment. And no, they don't just walk out of the studio all pretty-perfect. They'll have to remain aware, do the exercises I suggested, and try being a little bit more ambidextrous.

Gayle and Heather gladly volunteered to have their pictures included in this post. They thought it was so cool they wanted you to see it too! Thanks, you two and everyone else who participated.

If you're interested in learning more about your posture, just shoot me an email kristin [at} Take It Outside Fitness {DOT) com. I'm a fitness geek and would love sharing this knowledge with you!


Laura Curry said...

What a difference! I want to sign up :)

Gayle said...

what I found so amazing is that my poochy belly went away when I stood up straight (she didn't post that picture). But that alone makes me want to stand taller! oh yeah, and all that other good benefit stuff too.

Thank you! and in case you aren't aware- you rock!

Kristin Jackson, CPT, LWMC said...

Your belly was pulled in, in both after images, but I changed it to the one you are talking about. And you literally do stand taller. Look at where your head comes to on the grid.

You rock too! gracias!

matildajoseph said...

This is fantastic! I would love to sign up for a postural assessment!!! Pretty please!

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