Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm a fitness geek

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a fitness geek. Articles like this one about the shoulder girdle gets my attention. All those fitness magazines at the grocery store just make me laugh. They package the same vaguely-researched info month after month, preying on our insecurities. Seriously, who buys this!? Kiss Cellulite Good Bye, The Baby food Diet.

Personally, I like to learn how cool the body is, how to works, what it's capable of. I'm such a fitness geek that want to order one of these. It would be great for Halloween parties and explaining what's going on with your posture.

But of course I can't get too geeky with clients. They'll glaze over if I start talking about the hypertonic muscles around glenohumeral joint. Hell, I glaze over when I hear my continuing ed teachers blathering on and on.  But I"m good at getting nitty gritty about form and function with clients in ways that makes sense to them without being all science-speak. Sometimes it takes telling, showing, and doing to get my point across. But when I explain a movement/exercise to a client and she gets that a-ha look on her face, I'm thrilled. And she's happy too.

Of course, I'm not the trainer for everyone. I'm the trainer for the thinking person. Not being snarky here. Unlike some people who just want to be put through the moves and not have to put much thought into it, my clients like to learn what, why, and how to do things for themselves. I'm mean, if an anvil fell on me tomorrow, my peeps could forge on without me. And to me, that's what makes a trainer a good one. Being an educator and giving people the tools they need to sustain their healthy lifestyle.

So I think I'll be posting more fitness geek topics and links. Got any particular topics we should discuss? Let me know and stay tuned.

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