Monday, August 8, 2011

go with the flow

A little boy wants a pony for his birthday. That's all he wants. The day arrives and he walks into a room and it's filled with horse crap. Floor to ceiling. He grabs a shovel and giddily says, "There must be a pony in here somewhere!"

Happiness is all based on your perspective. The day can be filled with crap, or with serendipity moments. Look beyond the immediate moment and you might just see better alternatives to what we think we want or expect.

My bike was stolen the other day. First I was bummed. Then I thought, I'm gonna get a new bike! One that fits better. More efficient. One that inspires me to ride a further than my previous just-get-from-point-A-to-B rides. Maybe I'll even do Cycle Oregon someday! Now I have my new bike and I'm so friggin' happy with it! On my weekend ride--that's new to my vocabulary--I picked up a Clackamas County Bike Map which includes routes that I can't wait to take in, share with others and make new discoveries.

So you see?  The silver lining to my bike being stolen is I've just found a whole new passion that will lead to even more new adventures. Which makes me very happy!

You just never know what you'll see, experience, taste, when you go with the flow. What about you? Have you had an event "go all wrong" only to find yourself with something wonderful?


Anonymous said...

And the new bike is nothing short of a work of art. Only thing missing is pink rickrack ;) Happy riding!

kristin said...

I'm pretty sure I know who said this!

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe ;)
and I'm sure you are correct

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