Monday, July 18, 2011

The "whats" and "whys" of Postural Assessments

When I explain what a postural assessment is and why it's a good idea to have yours checked, I use building construction as an analogy.

Let's say you are going to build a house from scratch. You'd want to start with a level foundation and make sure your walls are square and of the same height. With a solid foundation and level walls pretty much everything else would fit into place. Windows would open and close smoothly, doors would swing open and close without scrapping along the floor or getting stuck in their frames.
Think of your body's foundation as a your core musculature and how your feet connect with the floor, your joints as hinges and your bones as the studs within the walls of your structure/house. Like a house, if you aren't standing with a solid foundation, i.e. evenly on both feet, or if you have poor posture so your bones and joints are out of alignment,  your body is likely giving you hints everyday that something is off. Your shoulders may hurt, your neck is tight, you have headaches, your lower back nags you after sitting for hours. Gives a whole new meaning to be old and creaky, don't ya think? If you are young maybe you don't really hear your body talking to you, or care about such things. But as we get older  our bodies reach a point where things become a real issue. 
So, that's my really simplistic explanation of why and what postural assessments do. For a more in-depth explanation, here's another blogger comparing the alignment of our bodies to that of automobiles. He goes into more detail.

In the past, I've talked about how not every exercise is right for every body. With a postural assessment, you would be armed with more knowledge about what exercises would benefit you and others that don't so much. So, with that in mind, I'm offering more in-depth postural assessment at the studio. Here are some things to know prior to your assessment.
  • You should be bare foot
  • Wear form fitting clothing that allows for visual observation of your body contours. Shorts and a sports bra or form fitting top for women. Men should wear shorts as well with form fitting top or can remove shirt.
  • If you have long hair please tie it up and off neck/back
After your assessment we'll go over a visual review of your posture and I can offer suggestions for ways to make your workouts more effective for your body. I'm excited to start offering this service! Thanks to everyone who's already expressed interest. See you soon!

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