Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love it to lose it

Instead of beating yourself up with workouts you dread and food that even the dog wouldn't eat, how about actually being nice to yourself to lose weight? Yep, check out this article about the results of two weight loss groups. One went the traditional diet-and-exercise-route. The other got a bit more touchy feel-y. They  dealt with emotional eating, overcoming weight loss barriers, and improving body image. Who lost more over the year-long study? Group B.

I'd love to see a follow up to this study. I'm betting that group B also kept the weight off longer than group A. Why? Because when people look under the hood, get a grip on their personal reality, they are able to deal with weight control as a lifestyle issue, rather than resorting to short term solutions, a.k.a. diets alone.

Being nice to ourselves seems to be particularly challenging for women. Around week 4 of my 10-week Healthy Habits, Healthy You program participants are asked to say something positive about themselves to the group. What!? It's like they've all just choked on a glob of peanut butter mixed with sand. Good god, people! It's hardly being conceited to say, "I have beautiful eyes." or "I love my curvy Mae West figure." or "My butt is my best feature." And it doesn't have to be appearance related. "I'm really good at managing a team of 100+ people at work." "I put myself through school after getting out of an abusive relationship of 12 years." "I'm really funny!"

Just remember, you are going to have to face facts and do some soul searching for long term results. And it may take more time than the latest diet craze promises. But wouldn't it be nice if you could have a civil relationship with a bag of cookies, see your toes, and climb the stairs at work without fearing a co-worker calling 911? Yeah, I thought so. . .

So, how 'bout it? What can you say about yourself today that rocks your world? Feel free to shout it out here. But if you're shy, try writing it on the bathroom mirror.

Cheers, ya'll!


Melinda said...

Here's something positive about me -- I'm an expert on some things.

Therefore, I declare this TIOF post a very, very expert commentary!

Thank you.

Kristin Jackson, CPT, LWMC said...

Thanks Melinda!

Here's my positive statement: I'm a damn good personal trainer. ;-)

Gayle said...

I have a great smile. and yes, you are an amazing trainer! thanks!!

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