Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 10: Running Trails

I prefer to run on trails than on roads. Or run on a road to get to a trail. Here are some of my favorite spots in and around Portland, OR.
  1. Mt Tabor Park. Good hills and ravines and close to my house! Gotta love that.
  2. Forrest Park. The largest park within city limits in the US and plenty of trails for running. So close to town, yet feels miles away.
  3. Timothy Lake loop. A mostly flat trail around the lake in the shadow of Mt Hood. Gorgeous!
  4. Silver Falls State Park loop. A bit out of town, in Silverton OR, but the scenery, the town and a visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright's Gordon House next to the Oregon Garden is worth the trip.
  5. Larch Mountain. There are lots of ways to get on this trail. Whichever you choose, the view at the top is one of the best!
  6. Glendoveer Golf Course Fitness Trail loop. Just watch our for the squirrels! They want to trip you, then mug you of any and all treats in your pockets.
  7. Tryon Creek State Park loop. Another park right inside city limits that feels like your miles away from town.
  8. Discovery Trail in Vancouver WA. OK, it's not really a trail, but a walking, biking, running path that has some beautiful art, history and paths along the Columbia River.
  9. Springwater Corridor. Yes, another bike/walk/run trail, but if you get out early on a Saturday morning you have the path to yourself as you pass by Powell Butte, Zenger Farm and historic plaques. A slight grade out but then a gentle slope back into town.
  10. Veronia-Banks State Trail. You can go out and back, then refuel in town at Blue House Cafe. Good food and beer.
  11. Inner-Urban Trails in Bellingham, WA. Yeah, I know this isn't exactly close to Portland, but if you're on your way to British Columbia this is my favorite town in Washington and the trails are the best!
What about you? Do you have a favorite place to run, walk or cycle?


Antonella said...

Kristin, come visit me in North Portland and check out Kelley Point park. There are some trails but the payoff is the confluence of the Willamette/Columbia rivers and a nice 'beach'.

Plus, it's just off the 40 mile loop.

Bellinghamster! said...

Yay! Bellingham! The City of Subdued Excitement -- with the best trails in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe the world!

Kristin Jackson, CPT, LWMC said...

Antonella~There are just too many good places to run, walk and hike to narrow it down to just the Top 10. I also really like Pier Point. It's like Mt Tabor Lite. ;-)
Bellinghamster~If I ever move from PDX your town is my first choice!

Bellinghamster! said...

Good choice! There's always room in the City of Subdued Excitement for people like you who walk the local, go green, ride a bike or public transportation whenever possible, reach out, care about your community, etc.

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