Thursday, May 19, 2011

You feel that? That's your body talkin'

Sometimes I think the health and fitness world is getting a little to high-tech for it's own good. Which is why I love the fact that peeps I train base success more on how they feel and perform in their lives than what a scale, treadmill or heart rate monitor says. Now, don't get me wrong, some outside tracking and guidance can be helpful. I am a trainer after all! But if you get more feedback form blinking, beeping machines, I suggest you power down. Then look within for inspiration that gives you the happy glow of feeling your body move, relax and nourish you.

Go by feel. Our bodies do a lot more than just carry our heads around. But for some of us, there's a disconnect between our bodies and our brains. When you workout, make sure you feel the muscles you're targeting, actually working. If you don't feel your muscles engage correctly you're wasting your time, or even risking injury. Not sure? Ask a trainer to help you identify what should be working and what should not during your routine.

Listen to your inner voice. I'm always amazed by how hard it is for some of us to take a compliment, much less pat ourselves on the back. Next time you run farther, do more push ups or look sassy in your new size of clothing, listen, then agree with that voice inside you saying you rock! Oh, and don't confuse those other voices telling you you aren't good enough, thin enough or whatever enough. That's just cultural BS talkin' and you need tell it to bugger off!

Trust your gut instinct. It may be hard to believe but we all have a second brain. It's our belly. Really, check out this fascinating Scientific American article about how our guts effect our mood and more. Our bellies are talking to us all the time, we just don't hear them any more because of so many outside influences. It probably started with our parents telling us to clean our plates, then advertising and food manufacturers took over. My friend and acupuncturist Heather Ellsworth highly recommends we take the time to eat in a calm, non-multitasking setting. I know. Easier said than done, right? But try it. You'll taste more, feel calmer, and hear all kinds of feedback from your body. Maybe it'll even tell you you're satisfied.

Well, that's my two cents worth for today. I could go on and on, but I need to power down myself and take advantage of this gorgeous day. . . and will reap more by using all my senses. ;-)

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