Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Run, train, eat

I can always tell who ate a little snacky before AM classes and who didn't. Those who skip it, hit a wall like a Mac truck. The fortified folks are kickin' butt all hour long.

It's a finely tuned balancing act when it comes to foods, fuel and physical activity. But just like a car that won't run on empty, neither will you. So, here are some tips on why, when and what to eat prior to your workout. And here are some for post workout. And FYI, I'm talking about challenging workouts that leave you with sensations of phew!-that-was-hard-and-I-feel-tough! Ya know, more than just a walk in the park. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites pre-and post-workout foods. And I'd love to hear some of yours.
  • H2O! Prior, during and after workouts, get enough of the good stuff. It'll keep you hydrated and help with digestion. It does a body good. How much should you consume? It varies from person to person, but here's a calculator to help you figure out your needs.
  • oatmeal+honey+fruit+cottage cheese. Seriously, the oat fiber and the cottage cheese protein keep me sustained for a good long time. You can do this pre or post, but if you eat this before working out give yourself some digesting time.
  • PB+J on whole grain bread. Well pretty much anything on bread + peanut butter makes me happy. I like PB with bananas, with jam and sliced jalapenos, with apples. You can opt for other nut butters too.
  • BBQ sauce+ tempeh + shredded veggies on bread, in a wrap or a rice bowl. Super easy and super fast, especially if you chop/shred some veggies in large quantities and use through the week.
  • Apple and cheese. Or a pear. A string cheese or a cube of your favorite cheese with an apple is a great combo. Protein and complex carbs will help refuel and sustain you for longer than gummy bears and cookies.
  • Trail mix
  • The combinations are infinite! I pretty much love any and all nuts. Raw or flavored. Pick your favorites, add some dried fruits and voila, your own signature mix. I also like sesame sticks, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut, even seaweed. Yep, seaweed. It's tasty and a healthy way to get extra minerals in your diet. Try this recipe if you need more convincing.
  • Dates! I love dates after a a long run or cardio interval training. I even ate them along the Run Like Hell Half Marathon route, instead of goos and gels. Try 'em with your post workout snack and let me know what you think. Oh, and I've used them to make my own version of Lara Bars. Here's my recipe.
  • Sweet potato + greens + nuts. I bake up sweet taters in bulk then chop and toss 'em with steamed broccoli or greens, walnuts, and a bit of thai chili sauce and soy sauce. Yum!
Well, that's a few suggestions, but I'm sure you have some good ones to share, so let us know. Gracias!


kate said...

This morning I had oatmeal with peanut butter and banana. Plus a glass of water and a cup of coffee, and I had a ton of energy for thevworkout today!

Betty Lou said...

My mother used to make baked bean sandwiches on whole wheat bread for us before we walked off to school, walking uphill both ways!

But, seriously...we did have baked bean sandwiches. Sure kept us more ways than one!

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