Monday, May 23, 2011

Portland: a little slice of small-town heaven

A functional mosaic by Mark Brody, seen on the 2011 Mt Tabor Art Walk

I heart PDX. For a metro area compiled of over a million people, this is an amazingly small town. Start talking to folks and it's like you're talking recipes over the backyard fence instead of the bar at Pacific Pie Co. Ok, let me explain.

Saturday, Ginny and I took in some art on the Mt Tabor Art Walk. Then I headed off on my bike to see Gayle at New Deal Distillery, who reminded me to refuel over at Pacific Pie Co. Oh, side note: these guys rock the savory pie world! Can't decide which to get? Go with a plate of cocktail size pies: spinach+feta+tomato, root veggie+cheese, and curried samosa. Yum!

Anyway, while I'm ordering I start talking with Brian, my waiter about slaws, which leads to me jotting down some of my favorite shredded-veggie concoctions for him. I also order some Vanilla Black tea from Foxfire Teas. Hey, where did Foxfire go after they moved off Freemont, anyway? Well, Brian informs me, they're over on the backside of the Ford Building at Division and SE 11th. Perfect!

I'm playing around with flavored kombuchas so I should to get me some of that tasty Vanilla Black tea. . . After my snacky I peddled on over. When the owner Katherine gives me a whiff of Lemon Myrtle, I of course get that too. Then we talk kombuchas. Hey! they say they need a starter Scoby, which I say I can happily provide because they're taking over my fridge. . .

The new bike sign caps along Clinton make me happy. :-)

A few more errands and random conversations with fellow Portlanders, I head up Clinton, then I'm home. To me Saturday was just about perfect. Cycling, meeting new people, trying new foods and sharing what we all care about. Rapture or not, to me Portland is my heaven. ;-)

Another fine yard scape I saw on the Tabor Art Walk.
You see all kinds of the cool things when you ride your bike or walk, that you're likely to miss in your car.


Betty Lou said...

That looks like a pathway to heaven! :-)

kate said...

I like that parking strip, where is it? I've never seen it!

Kristin Jackson, CPT, LWMC said...

Yeah, it is pretty sweet, isn't it? It's just south of Belmont on 55th. I think the house is 941. It's even more impressive in person!

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